Like you, we are concerned with the responsible and legal use of alcohol. Mr.Beer® does not condone the homebrewing of beer by underage consumers.

However, Mr.Beer® products do not contain alcohol until the ingredients are combined and fermentation takes place, and therefore does not require a license to sell, or a minimum age requirement to buy.

Beer, cider, and wine can all be made from ingredients which may be found in any grocery store, homebrew supply shop, or on the Internet. Some of our retailers have chosen not to sell the kits to minors, and we support this effort to keep our products in the hands of legal adults. However, we have found it to be an unenforceable mandate for all retailers to only sell to legal adults.

We also realize that some of our customers may be minors who are purchasing the kit as a gift for an older family member or friend. Our kit will produce alcohol if you follow the instructions correctly and wait for the fermentation process to occur which takes a minimum of 7 days to produce an amount equivalent to a commercially produced beer.