Our recipes/refills may include a "suggested" lager time, this is also referred to as conditioning your beer. And where the flavor development really takes over to yield those mature, finished flavors in your beer.


After your beer has been bottled, you want to allow 2-3 weeks at 70+ degrees F for the carbonation process to complete. Once carbonated it is ready to drink. However, to improve the flavor of your beer even more, you may want to condition it for weeks or even months depending on the style. This can be done in one of two ways:


Warm conditioning: Place bottles in a dark, dry location away from sunlight that stays between 50°and 65° F.


Cold conditioning: Place bottles in a refrigerator or dark, dry location that stays between 35°and 49° F.


Whether you choose to condition or not, your beer will always taste best if chilled for at least two days before drinking.