It will hopefully ease your mind to know that dents do not in any way harm the malt inside of the can. There is such a high concentration of sugar inside the cans that basically nothing is able to grow or survive inside of them.


So the dents don't render the cans unusable; in fact, all of us here in the office brew our own beer, and we always use the dented cans. And actually, one of the reasons we use them is because it certainly is our policy to never send them to you that way.


If you do order from us and the cans arrive in that condition, we will usually ask you to hold on to the shipping box so that we can report the damage to UPS and file a claim for a replacement. Since we can't put any type of "Fragile" markings on the box, this remains our only option for action there. In any case, dented cans, as I said, as long as they are not punctured, they are perfectly safe to use.


Thank you for your patience and please absolutely feel free to let us know if you have any further questions or concerns; our primary concern is your satisfaction!